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Serendah House, Serendah, Malaysia


Nominated for the Aga Khan Award for architecture, GENEVA, 2007
ARCASIA (Pan-Asia) Gold Medal Award, MACAU, 2003.

"This house has a very strong physical presence. But at the same time it has blended harmoniously with the hilly nature of the site and surroundings... the sensitivity towards different spatial elements are all manifested into a wonderful expression."
Master jury's citation at GOLD MEDAL, ARCASIA AWARD 2003

Serendah House is a meeting of architecture as an art of function and architecture as a custodian of the environment and heritage of the country. it was built for an artist client who wishes for a separation between the "real" world - her private world and Mother Nature, against an "illusion" - the mundane, public, work, chaos, the daily grind. The front door, tower and walls form a symbolic and physical boundary between two worlds.

Through this door one enters into another realm; that openness, nature, and beauty. Here, the boundaries between outside and inside is blurred, so one can be in touch and at peace with nature. It humbles oneself, and reminds one's fleeting presence on this planet.

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