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Master Planning And Urban Design

Percinct 12, Putrajaya, Malaysia


1998 - Precinct 12, Putrajaya is a test-bed for the Urban Design Guidelines prepared by the firm. The precinct is primarily designed for residential community, served by a ‘Neighbourhood Centre’ in the middle and a smaller ‘Local Centre’ on the northern half. Surrounded by the ‘Wetlands’ the water edges were carefully treated in the master plan.

A key objective for this master plan was to fully explore, apply and validate urban design guidelines prepared earlier by the same team. A major challenge was the presence of the main highway bisecting the site into two halves. An under-pass was created to link the Northern community to the schools, neighbourhood centre and shops in the South. Special landscaped buffer zones are created at lake edges; as this adjoins the ‘Wetlands’ (Precinct 13) which provides bio-filtration crucial for the whole eco-system of Putrajaya lakes.

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