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Master Planning And Urban Design

Madinah LRT, Madinah, Saudi Arabia


The Madinah LRT Master Plan is part of the Saudi government’s grand plan to upgrade the country’s public transportation system. In our proposal, the the lines radiates from the ‘Central Loop’ around Nabawi Mosque in the heart of the city. This intra-city system will be linked in future to the inter-city system, linking Madinah to Jeddah and Makkah.

The master plan for the new Khalifah City shown in the next page is a proposal by RDA-Harris made at the request of Abu Dhabi Municipality in 2005. They intend to develop the ‘mainland side’ of Abu Dhabi, to ease the congestion in the city centre which itself is not a big island. Khalifah City master plan had initially been prepared by the Municipality’s Planning Department, but mainly aimed for residential or ‘dormitory’ zone for Abu Dhabi.

The new Khalifah City Centre is aimed to bring ‘life’ to this satellite township. Commercial and light industrial zones are introduced to bring economic activities to the area. A new Administrative zone is planned to accommodate the demand for new floor spaces and modern facilities.

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