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Institutional And Civic Architecture

Albukhary Mosque Complex and University, Alor Setar, Malaysia


1995-2000 : MOSQUE COMPLEX
The Albukhary Mosque Complex is a charity project. It is actually a community centre comprising the 'Grand Mosque', orphanage, old-folks home, a hospital and small school. The mosque is a deliberate blend of various styles of Islamic architecture as requested by the Client, the Albukhary Foundation. This is our first major architectural commission.

2000-2006: UNIVERSITY
After the completion of the Mosque Complex, Albukhary Foundation wanted to build a university around the mosque. We decided to use the mosque dome as a cue to generate the master plan for the university. The University campus is designed based on a classical Islamic geometry and planning principles. It is intended to be a 'living museum' of classical Islamic Art and Architecture; showcasing the various styles, forms and elements found in many Islamic countries notably along the Silk Road.

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